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Mat Officials

"We posted the officials program for the 2023-2024 season on September 16, 2023.

As of November 28, 2023 we have 55 candidates that have passed our program and there are 22 additional candidates that are in process.

We want to advise all future candidates of the number of officials currently in place.

There may not be enough events to make it worthwhile for any additional candidates to pay for the program.

We wanted to be as upfront as possible on the number of officials that we have certified this year as of now.

Thank you

Mark Cammisa

USAWCT Officials Director"

Officials Test Checklist: (Must be in High School or Older)

1) Sign Up at

2) Pay Registration Fee $50 through Venmo @USAWCT  (rulebook will be mailed to you once the form is filled out and fee is paid)

3) Take Pre-Test 

4) Watch Video of Officials Clinic

5) Take Final Officials Test - Link will be be emailed to you by Mr. Cammisa (Remember you only have one shot to pass the Officials Test so take your time)

Links to Steps 3-4 are below on this webpage

See Flyer Below for Additional Information

Click the Registration Link to sign up for the USAWCT Officials Certification Test

Officials Exam Registration Fee $50 

Venmo Pay @USAWCT

Officials Pre-Test

Officials Clinic

Additional Resources:

Additional Resources:



Any Questions Contact:

Mark Cammisa (Officials Director)